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As a family, we provide compassionate and experienced help at your most difficult time so that everything on the day goes just as you planned and hoped. A cremation funeral is the most popular way to say goodbye to a loved one.

We can also help you add those little touches to make your cremation service unique to your loved one, whether that means a personalised coffin, special cortege routes, individually chosen music or perhaps costume-themed funerals. We can even video live stream funerals – in fact, just about anything you can think of, we never say no!

The Ultimate Final Ride!

There is nothing more fitting for an avid biker, than giving them the ultimate funeral send off with our Motorbike Funeral Service. We have access to Motorbike hearses, from Harley Davidson, Triumph and for something really special, a Hyabusa. Although we keep the speed much more appropriate!

The ‘hearse’ section of the bike is beautifully crafted and allows for a full size coffin to be placed inside.

There is usually room for a spray of flowers, although we have previously placed a helmet and gloves on the coffin. Our funeral director loves bikes, and he usually rides pillion with the hearse.

We have taken part in funerals with a hundred bikes following behind to make a cortege, it’s often noisy, and it always gets attention. For our motorcycle funerals we provide the same quality professional funeral care that we are renowned for and that can be seen in our Traditional Funeral Service. There are always lots of choices and ideas to make the funeral a very personal event.

We encourage the ‘last ride out’ to be something memorable and a fitting tribute to the person who has passed away. There is an additional charge for the hiring of the motorcycle hearse, and these charges vary by the choice of vehicle. In line with all of services, we always confirm
all costs prior to the service.


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