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At Larvin & Clegg, we believe in offering a wide range of funeral choices for both burial and cremation services, so that whether you want a traditional or modern send-off, or a service that reflects a particular faith, creed or belief, we can help.

We’re here for you when you need us most, and will be pleased to help create the perfect funeral for your loved one. A funeral that best reflects their personality or character and allows you to say your goodbyes in the most meaningful way.

Take a look at the funeral services we offer below:


Funeral Choices

flowers on an altar in the church and the candles on background

Traditional Services

For many people, traditional funerals represent everything they want to experience when the time comes to say goodbye to their loved one. Our experienced and caring family will ensure everything is in place to make your day exactly how you want it to be, and we’ll look after all…  

Son comfort his mother in funeral parlor

Our Simple Service

Our simple burials and cremations give you the freedom to strip away a lot of the costlier traditions that may not be a priority for those who are after something more straightforward or for those who want to target what budget they do have towards something that better reflects their lost…

Cremation box and flowers

Pure Direct Cremations

If you have seen the adverts for a Pure Cremation, Memmoria, Just Cremation or maybe something similar from Simplicita, you will recognise that sometimes a funeral service isn’t what is wanted or is not appropriate to the person who has passed away. That may be down to a personal request…

tree burial

Non-Religious Funerals

A funeral service should always reflect the personality and beliefs of the person being celebrated, and that is particularly true when it comes to religion. Those without religious belief or faith might find it hypocritical to have a traditional religious ceremony. For these occasions we’re pleased…

Flowers on a coffin in the church

Religious Funerals

For lots of families, a funeral ceremony is more than a chance to say goodbye to a special person in their lives, it can also be a uniquely significant moment from a religious point of view.
Religious services can be both Burials and Cremations and may be held in Churches, Temples…

Photo of a motorbike hearse

Motorbike Funerals

There is nothing more fitting for an avid biker, than giving them the ultimate funeral send off with our Motorbike Funeral Service.

We have access to Motorbike hearses,
from Harley Davidson, Triumph and for something really special…

horse and carriage

Bespoke Service

We’re all different people, and a traditional funeral may not necessarily reflect the unique personality of the person whose life is being celebrated. Our bespoke funerals give you the chance to arrange something that is unique and that has special meaning, whether that’s a twist on the… 

Woman leaving flowers at a grave


We are familiar with local cemetery practices and we have experience with all the local churches. A funeral burial is a little more complex to arrange than a cremation, but our experience and knowledge will make the process a little easier for you. With a shortage of suitable land… 

Funerary urn with ashes of dead and flowers at funeral. Burial urn decorated with flowers and people mourning in background at memorial service, sad and grieving last farewell to deceased person.


As a family, we provide compassionate and experienced help at your most difficult time so that everything on the day goes just as you planned and hoped. A cremation funeral is the most popular way to say goodbye to a loved one. We can also help you add those little… 

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