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If you have seen the adverts for a Pure Cremation, Memmoria, Just Cremation or maybe something similar from Simplicita, you will recognise that sometimes a funeral service isn’t what is wanted or is not appropriate to the person who has passed away. That may be down to a personal request from the person who has died, or a preference for a celebration and party rather than a traditional funeral service. Some people want cremations without church involvement. On those occasions, a direct cremation may be the answer.

We offer the very same service, only we take care of things locally.

This is a very simple, unattended funeral service without any fuss. All our direct cremation services take place locally at Birches Crematorium near Northwich, but with no family or friends in attendance. We all like to remember our loved ones in our own way and a direct cremation is still a dignified event, treated with as much care and respect as any other type of funeral.

We will collect your loved one from either home or hospital and arrange all necessary paperwork to be completed. We will provide dignified and respectful care to the deceased and place them in a suitable coffin, in exactly the same way as we would in a full traditional service.

Direct Cremation Services

Whether you want a direct cremation because it better reflects the character of the person whose life is being celebrated or as a cheaper alternative to a traditional funeral, Larvin & Clegg is here to help.

Contact us to find out more about cremations without a church or cremations without a service in and around Congleton, Crewe, Sandbach and Alsager.

Cremation without a ceremony costs £1200 including all disbursements and cremation fees.  Normally, there will be no additional fees to pay.*


* Please note that where the deceased is over 24″ wide (measured across their elbows) it will be necessary to place them in an oversized coffin with an additionally strengthened floor.  There will be an unavoidable surcharge for the larger coffin as we have to source it direct from the manufacturer and have it shipped to our funeral home.


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