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We are here to help provide our local community with support and comfort through quite possibly the most troubling time most will experience. Throughout our years as undertakers, we have poured countless hours of time and effort into making it a more heartfelt experience for friends and family members arranging and attending funerals, make it that little more special.

We believe that funerals are a time to celebrate life and come together in unity to honour the life of the departed. We are always here to help guide you through the difficult waters that come with the passing of a loved one. Meet out amazing team that are happy to answer any questions you might have.

We are very proud to say our team are friendly, knowledgable and will help you with whatever it is you might need. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Photo of Abi for meet the team

Abigail Larvin

Abi is the friendly voice that usually answers the phone, and the friendly face that is
usually in our reception. Abi is responsible for all our ‘front of house’ duties. She
looks after the arrangement of our funeral services and ensures our funeral families
get the very best service. Her attention to the smallest details make our funerals
such special events. She has a mind of ideas and over a decade of experience. On
the day of the funeral she ensures that all the team are fully briefed, donation
plaques are in place, correct ties are ready and that everyone knows what they are
supposed to do. She holds qualifications in Funeral Administration and Management
and is the affectionately known as ‘The Boss’

Photo of Jason for meet the team

Jason Clegg

Jason is our Funeral Director and is also responsible for the ‘back of house’ duties. A
trained embalmer, Jason oversees care of the deceased, preparation of their coffins
and then their presentation in our chapel of rest. He is in charge on the day of the
funeral and works with Abi to ensure a perfect service for each of our funeral
families. He has almost three decades of experience as a funeral professional and
is a stickler for the smallest of details. Starting from the very bottom as an apprentice
and working his way up, he also holds qualifications in both Forensic and Biomedical
Sciences as well as Funeral Operations and Services.

Photo of Ian for meet the team

Ian Larvin

Ian is Abi’s dad and has the privileged position of being our Hearse Driver and Chief
Coffin Bearer. His role is one of the most important in our service, getting the
cortege to the Church, Crematorium or Cemetery on time, every time. Ian controls
the Funeral Cortege as it navigates through traffic lights, roundabouts and road
works! He ensures that the precession is smooth and very respectful and that we
never lose anyone travelling behind in their own car. At the actual funeral service he
manages our Coffin Bearers and makes sure everyone is doing exactly what they
should be doing. He leads by example and always makes sure our vehicles are
spotless before we leave the funeral home.

photo of Glynn for meet the team

Glyn Gibson

Glyn is our resident engineer, mechanic and vehicle technician, although he only
joined us a Coffin Bearer! If it’s broken, we give it to Glyn! Glyn usually drives our
Limousine and makes sure our Mourners arrive at the service safe and warm. He’s
a friendly chap and a strong pair of hands. Through the week, he also works with
Bruce, to collect the deceased from Hospitals, Care Homes and Hospices. Through
the night and also some weekends, he will sometimes assist Jason in removing
people who passed away at home and help bring them into our care.

Photo of Andy for meet the team

Andy Galway

Andy is one of Ian’s best friends and joined us as a Coffin Bearer. On the day of a
funeral service Andy helps prepare the vehicles and listens intently to the
instructions that Abi gives the team. Paying absolute attention to detail he is always
the one who askes the most question. He usually goes on ahead as a forward party
to assist in getting the venue correctly set up. He will ensure that any seating
reservations are in place, and that orders of service, and the donation box are
correctly positioned. He will then greet attending mourners and record their name as
an attendee. As the Cortege arrives at the funeral destination he will be in position
to open the door of the Limousine to greet the funeral party before finally assisting
taking the deceased into the chapel for their service.

photo of bruce meet the team

Bruce Wardlow

Bruce is our apprentice Funeral Director! Bruce is learning all the ‘back of house’
skills necessary to be a great funeral professional. Alongside Glyn, he assists Jason
is bringing the deceased into our care, is learning how to prepare coffins, how to
prepare vehicles and to then oversee the actual Funeral Service. He assists Andy
on the day of the funeral gathering attendees names and making sure everything is
in place at the chapel. Again, like Andy Bruce is on hand to support the Cortege as it
arrives at the funeral destination. He will be in position to open the door of the
Limousine to greet the funeral party before the service begins.

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