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For lots of families, a funeral ceremony is more than a chance to say goodbye to a special person in their lives. It can also be a uniquely significant moment from a religious point of view.  Religious services can be both Burials and Cremations and may be held in churches, temples, halls or crematorium chapels.

At Larvin & Clegg, we’re used to providing religious funerals for all beliefs and faiths in and around Congleton, Sandbach and Alsager. We treat all religious services with the same level of courtesy and respect and always pay great reverence to the importance of the Church.

Our extensive experience includes funeral services for those from the Church of England, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Jehovah’s Witness, Church of Latter-day Saints, Quaker, Baptist, Methodist, Salvation Army, Gospel and Evangelist churches. We have also conducted funerals on behalf of Buddhist, Sikh and Hindu communities and specialise in Caribbean, West Indian and African funerals.

We can also help with a humanist funeral service or memorial service if that is what your loved one would have wished.

For more information on the things we can do, we recommend looking at our traditional funerals page.

To find out more about religious funeral services available from Larvin & Clegg, please give us a call. We’ll always work hard to find ways that we can help.


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