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Larvin & Clegg Funeral Care is a fully independent family run funeral directors serving Congleton, and the surrounding areas. Our prices are purposely set to be the lowest in the community, to help you, our clients through this most difficult time. We provide care and dignity without breaking your bank.

Funeral Ceremonies & Life Celebrations

Choosing a Funeral Director

We understand that nobody ever wants the services of an undertaker. But when you do, you need someone with an excellent reputation for the care they provide for both you as a grieving family, and your loved one who has sadly passed away. As a local family we want to assure you, that we are here to help you and your family when you need us most. As a grieving family, you will be shown care, and given time to make decisions. You will be given support and offered guidance.


Giving you sUPPORt

We have designed this web site to be a rich resource of useful information for any family going through, or expecting a bereavement. At the bottom of this page you will find many useful links. The most important of these include what to do when someone passes, registration of the death, and thinking about what you would like from the funeral. We are always here, 24 hours a day to answer your questions, so please always feel it's ok to call us. 01260 297963.


Our Pricing & Fees

We are the only Funeral Directors in the area that display all our prices online, we are confident to do this because we know we offer the lowest charges locally. Being a small family service our overheads are low and so we can pass these cost savings back to you.

Why would you pay more to another funeral director for essentially doing the same job?

Because we our small, our attention to each individual family and your loved one who has passed, is to the highest standard. Our reputation is everything and the reviews and recommendations we receive back this up. Our service is always friendly and the quality we offer is the highest you will find anywhere. We also invite you to come and meet us and to see our funeral home before you make any decisions.

We offer a range of services with Our lowest costing service starts at £1200 and this still includes all cremation and 3rd party fees.

Our simple funeral service costs £1599 which is around £300 lower than all the other local funeral directors.

Were proud to be able to offer a complete funeral service with an English hand made coffin, a beautiful Mercedes Hearse and matching Limousene for 6 mourners, for just £1999. If you compare this like for like, with any other local funeral directors, then you will find we are saving you anywhere between £800 to £1500.

If you want to compare our prices with the other local funeral directors, then please click here and download our pricing overview.


What we do

We specialise in Individual Funeral Ceremonies and Life Celebrations. We know that no two people are ever the same, so why should the final story of their life be any different?

Our Funeral Services are individually created with your personal wishes, both listened to, and catered for. The care of our clients and their loved one's is central to everything that we do. We pride ourselves in being able to offer:

  • A warm, respectful welcome
  • Empathy and Care
  • Patient funeral guidance
  • An individual, personal service
  • Lots of ideas and options
  • Time to make choices
  • Fully transparent quoted pricing
  • 24 hour service, every day of the year
Cremations Burials

Who we are


Our Local Congleton Family

The Larvin family name is well known in the Congleton community as our family owned and ran "Hicups" the popular off licence and newsagents that was at the bottom of Antrobus Street. Ian also managed Congleton leisure centre. With over 25 years of collective funeral experience, our family run business is completely independent and not part of a national funeral chain or PLC.

Our extensive experience includes funerals from the Church of England, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Jehovah's Witness, Church of Latter-day Saints, Quaker, Baptist, Methodist, Salvation Army, Gospel and Evangelist Churches. We have also overseen many Horse Drawn Funerals and Ceremonial Dove Releases.

Celebrating multiple faiths we have conducted funerals on behalf of Traveller, Buddhist, Jewish, Sikh and Hindu communities. We also specialise in Caribbean, West Indian and African funerals. Respecting that not everyone is religious we often celebrate with Humanist and non-religious services.