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The following links will provide very useful information that may help you following a bereavement. If you think we should add something you have found then please contact us.

Adding to our Links

We get a lot of requests for additional links to be added to the site. The link page is intended as a resource to directly help people within our community. So any links that we add ideally must be from U.K based organisations. Our service is built on our integrity within our local community. We will not accept links from any organsiation attempting to advertise to our clients, or generate revenue from targeted advertisment.

Our first priority is that the links must be relevant to our families that live in the UK.  Secondly any links that we provide must not be to create advertising revenue or to fund lawyers.  We are constantly bombarded with requests from U.S based Mesothelioma web sites requesting links, which has become a nuisance. If you do not operate in the UK, then please do not contact us. We also despise the term "Reaching Out". In the U.K we don't reach out. We contact. 


Useful Links

Paying for a funeral
When someone passes away it is most often unexpected and can be extremely stressful.  Paying for a funeral can be a major concern, and some families may be entitled to help.  The links below may be useful.

Dealing with council tax and bills
Most people have utility bills, council tax etc and these all need to be stopped. Alongside this many people are on direct mailing lists.  It can be very distressing to receive mail addressed to people who are no longer with us.  The links below will take you to Cheshire East Councils web site, and also a fantastic service that stops all direct mail from being posted. We have also created a check list for contacting people and closing accounts. See the Contacting People link for our downloadable list. The list can be printed and used as reminder for important tasks.

Grief and Bereavement
The worst part of losing someone often comes after the funeral, and is often overlooked.  It is normal to feel grief, to feel angry, to feel sad. Grief comes in waves and one day you may feel fine and the next, like your world has fallen apart.  Thankfully you are not alone and there are lots of things available to help.  Muchloved is a brilliant web site that offers some great advice. If you haven’t asked us to provide and online obituary for you, then you can create an online memorial of your own design on there too.  Cruise is another excellent site that is full of resources that can help. The Mesothelioma link is specifc to Asbestos related deaths, however the grief patterns and coping mechanisims are relevent to everyone.

  • Much Loved
  • Cruise
  • Mesothelioma Grief (Asbestosis)


    Religious Support
    Many people find comfort in their own religious beliefs and turn to the church for support at their time of need.  This list of links will help guide you where to look.  It is not exhaustive and if you want us to add a church or group please let us know.

Local support groups and important charities.

Sadly we see patterns in our work and frequently see the same charity’s being supported at Funerals, often by request of the family, and in lieu of flowers.  Many of these offer support to families dealing with medical conditions that have caused the death of someone they love, or in that have supported the family directly while a person has been ill. 

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