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Ashes Into Glass

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When someone you love becomes a memory... that memory becomes a treasure... Ashes into Glass is the leading creator of ashes jewellery for our clients in the UK and worldwide. Fine jewellery for you to connect with your loved one by wearing it or just holding it in your hand.

Ashes into Glass

Having someone’s ashes embedded into glass and then mounted to a hand crafted piece of jewellery is a beautiful way of memorialising a loved one. 

Following a cremation a small amount of the deceased’s ashes are sent away to the Ashes Into Glass studio based in Essex. Once there, a team of U.K craftsmen and women hand make stunning gem stones by encasing the ash into glass using a patented technology that makes the stones almost as hard as a diamond.

From there the stones are hand set into Silver, Gold or White Gold metals. The craftspeople can make Rings, Pendants, Cuff Links, Earrings and Charm Links with prices starting from just £125.

We have a full catalogue in our Congleton reception, but can post brochures to your homes if required. We will happily come out to your homes and run through the ordering process if you want us to.  We will take care of everything. 

You don’t need to have had your funeral service with us, as long as you have ashes available then we can help.   

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