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Michael Arthur Taylor

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Mike passed away peacefully on Saturday 31st July 2021 at Royal Stoke University Hospital, aged 71.

Funeral Service of the Late Michael Arthur Taylor

Mike passed away peacefully on Saturday 31st July 2021, at Royal Stoke University Hospital, aged 71.

The beloved husband of Carol, treasured father of Rob, Paula and Chris and adored grandad to Toby, Amber, Zac, Jared, Isaac, Lilac, Asher and Arthur. Mike will be fondly remembered for his warm sense of humour, positive outlook on life and a compassionate and friendly nature and he will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him.

The funeral was held at Birches Crematorium, near Lach Dennis on Thursday August 19th 2021.

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Michael Arthur Taylor was born on 17th July 1950 in Birmingham, to Lillian and Arthur, he was the eldest of two with younger brother Stephen. Arthur worked at The Dunlop tyre factory in a clerical role and would also referee at local cricket and football matches.

Mike had a happy childhood, Bannersgate primary was his first school, he actually escaped on his first day there and ran all the way home, but he soon settled in and learned to love learning. He was clever and gained a place in Bishop Vesey’s grammar school.

When Mike was young, he had a big interest in steam trains and when he was old enough would go off to engine sheds and steam train spotting wherever he could.

His love of chemistry blossomed; he built a shed in the garden that became his Laboratory. His area of expertise……. explosives! He would blow up cow pats on Sutton Park with his friends, and pour his carefully made concoctions down drains to explode. He would make hydrogen sulphide for a lovely rotten egg smell too!

As a teenager Mike’s love of music blossomed and his lifelong love of Soul was born, Tamla Motown, Northern Soul, he loved it. Later in life he went on to see Luther Vandross and Dianna Ross in concert.

He left school after his A levels and then joined ICI at Alderly Edge. As a day release student, he would go to Stockport college to study. He went on to achieve an HNC and a Degree in Chemistry. He stayed at ICI throughout his whole career, 20 years in Alderly Edge in pharmaceutical research and then a move over to Maccelsfeild as a Production Manager. He went on to help lead a project to start up a tablet formulation plant. He spent 39 years with ICI, which became Astro-Zeneca until he took early retirement in 2007 at the age of 57.

Mikes met Carol just before one their works Christmas parties and then on one October day in 1974 Mike proposed. The couple got married on the 22nd March the following year in a village church in Cheadle, photos in Brentwood park and honeymooned in Cheltenham.

Michael had bought a house in Naseby Road Congleton which he named “Soul Citadel”. Work contined for the newlyweds and they built a garage on the side of the house.
Parties were not uncommon in the Taylor household and a 21st birthday bash was thrown for Mikes brother Steve. There were DJ nights at work, and Vinyl nights where Michael would be perched on a stool by the record player.

Michael’s life changed forever in 1982 When he became a dad. Rob was born, followed by Paula and Chris. The Taylor tribe was formed and the real adventure began! Michael was a family man and he wanted to teach his children lots of amazing new things about the world. He taught them about plants and how to grow things, chemistry lessons including explosions in the back garden with Nitrogen Tri Iodide (i-o dye ed) on a plank of wood, dried out, making it unstable and explosions would follow with a puff of purple smoke when the children hit the blobs on the board with a rock.

Holidays were annually to the lakes, the family would stay in the same cottage each year, 2 cars, 6 kids, one friend for each Rob, Paula and Chris, 8 bikes and a whole lot of fun. Mike had been sent on an “outward bound” course at the Lakes when he had started ICI, as a team building exercise and this started his love of the great outdoors and the Lake District. Mike traveled all over the world, luckily with family and friends to visit in different countries. Mike had an uncle and has cousins in Calgary, Canada, and went over to visit on a number of occasions including an amazing road trip with them through the Rockies. On a trip to New Zealand, to celebrate his 60th birthday, Mike and Carol drove from the South Island through to Auckland in the North Island. Over Lake Taupo, they did a sky dive! They travelled together to Colombia to celebrate Rob and Silvia’s wedding and met Silvia's family. Last year, despite Covid the Taylor Tribe did manage a family holiday to Brittany in France. It was a fabulous family time with Carol’s cousin Tracey and her family joining them. Mike was celebrating his 70th birthday and Jack was celebrating his 30th birthday so they celebrated 100 years!

Mike was famous for his ‘ginger beard’ this amazing and shockingly bright furry long ginger beard was kept close by in Mikes pocket most of the time. It would often be whipped out and put on his face. Chris recons it must be 30 years old! Every photo taken then had to be repeated with the beard on, he would drive around with it on in the car much to other motorist’s surprise. There are many many photos of Mike and his beard!

Mike loved a hat, and any type of hat! It would be placed in his head and a selfie taken. The Party girl Tiara was also popular, as was his fez, and he always wore his trademark flatcap! In an emergency situation, if no hat was available and it was a hot day, a hankie tied in the corners would be a good second choice.

Mike had 8 grandchildren, Toby, Amber, Zac, Jared and Isaac, Lilac and Asher and new baby Arthur who will carry his name with him throughout his life. He also welcomed Alfie and George into the Taylor Tribe with lots of love and without a second thought.

Mike was everyone’s go to guy, if they needed help or advice, he would be the one they rang first. He was eccentric, an eco warrior, would sing silly songs, a poet of fantastic poems, with his trusty humour file filled with birthday poems, leaving poems, he loved to dress up nicely had his own style, for this he was nicknamed Michael Portillo. He loved music Tamla Motown being his favourite, concerts, dancing, and a party!

There was always a catchphrase, ‘we are where we are’ ‘it’s the way of the world’ ‘if your going to have one, have a big one!’ ‘wish wash give it to me! And he would clap and rub his hands together meaning, Right lets get on with it! He loved science and learning, he loved teaching his children and grandchildren about anything and everything, he loved helping people and being a friend, he was a total nutter, riding a bike while answering the phone to Chis and wondering if it was in fact illegal, He always had a smile on his face.

Mike will be fondly remembered for his warm sense of humour, positive outlook on life and a compassionate and friendly nature and he will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him.

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