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John Moss

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John passed away on Tuesday 28th December 2021 at home, surrounded by his loving family, aged 77

Obituary & Funeral Report of the Late John Moss

John passed away on Tuesday 28th December 2021 at home, surrounded by his loving family. John was 77.

The devoted husband of Eileen, loving father to Patrick and Rachel; dear father-in-law to John and Joanne; adored grandad to Harry, Niamh, George and Jack; loving brother to Margaret; respected brother-in-law to Ted, Stephen, Laura, Michael, Pat and Lily. Also, a much-treasured uncle and great uncle.

John will be lovingly remembered for his fabulous personality and friendly smile and will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him. He was a pioneer of local football, being involved from the start with Meadow Vale, Congleton Vale and Vale Hoppers. He was Chairman of The Vale Club.

The funeral took place on Tuesday 18th January 2022 at St Laurence’s Church in the village of Biddulph, Stoke on Trent. John passed away on Tuesday 28th December 2021 at home, surrounded by his loving family, aged 77. John was first and foremost a huge family man.

John was a pioneer of local football, being involved from the start with Meadow Vale, Congleton Vale and Vale Hoppers. He was also Chairman of The Vale Club. He loved Horse Racing, walking and was an avid Port Vale supporter. He worked for the Civil Service for 50 years, not retiring until he was 67.

John was taken into the chapel accompanied by “That Old Time Religion” by Dolly Parton. His coffin was adorned with a spray of yellow and white flowers and was carried by Mr K Mitchell, Mr F Sumnall, Mr J Gittins and Mr H Gittins.

The Reverend Catherine White offered Opening Prayers before leading the congregation in the Hymn, “Jerusalem”.  She then gave a reading of Psalm 23 “The Lord is my Shepheard” before offering an address. The congregation were then led in the Hymn “All things Bright and Beautiful”.  Mr Patrick Moss read John’s Eulogy, and a further tribute was read by Mr Stephen Austin. 
Reverend White gave thanks for both the eulogy and tribute and offered prayers before the congregation sung the Hymn, “Morning Has Broken”.  Reverend White then offered the prayers of Commendation, before John’s Coffin was taken from the Church, accompanied by “The Wonder of You” by Elvis Presley.  Upon leaving the church John was given a guard of honour by the gentlemen of the Vale Club and as a tribute to their Chairman.  

John’s coffin was then taken to the church cemetery, where it was interred with his late Mother and Father and in the presence of his close family. 

Attending mourners and friends were invited to continue the celebration of John’s life at the Vale Club, Canal Street in Congleton.

Attending Mourners were:  Mrs E Moss (Widow), Mr and Mrs P Moss (Son and Daughter in Law rep Mr and Mrs P Vernon), Mr and Mrs J Gittins (Daughter & Son in Law), Mr H Gittins, Mr G Gittins, Miss N Moss and Mr J Moss (Grandchildren) Mr S Austin (Brother-in-law) and Miss L Griffith (rep Mrs K Gear), Miss C Gear, Mr and Mrs M Austin (Brother and Sister in law), Mr G Austin, Mrs M Sumnall (Sister) rep Mr E Sumnall (Brother-in-law), Mr F Sumnall (rep Mrs K Sumnall), Mrs K Sumnall (rep Mark Shaw), Mr K Goodwin (rep Jade and Will), Mr and Mrs A  Austin (Rep Pete and Charlotte), Mr J Austin, Mr G & Mrs S Porter, Mr G Austin ( rep Mrs L Austin Sister in law) Mrs J. Moss (Representing D & D Moss).

Mr and Mrs R & J Walker, (Representing M Sale & R Brindley), Mr C Whitehurst (Representing K & M Whitehurst), J Smith (Representing  A Smith), Mr B Brennan, Mr K Jordan, Mr M Butler, Mrs S John, Mr D Byram, Mr D Hartshorn, Mrs J Hartshorn, Mrs L Malbon, Mr G Malbon, Mr J Turner (Rep Jane Turner), Mr P Nolan, Mrs K Nolan, S Burgess, Mrs L Purcell, Mr S Byram (Representing Dawn & Julie), C Burrows, Mr & Mrs K Mitchell, Mr and Mrs P & H Danford, Mr B Hall, Mr J Hall, , G Holden, Mr A & G Rider, Mr A Jones (Rep S Jones), Mr P Hurst, Mr A Gotham, Mr I Byram (Representing K Byram), Mr R Grocott, Mr & Mrs J Eaton, Mr P Eaton, Mr A Brown, Mr P Brown, Mr W Brown, Miss C Lawton and Mr R Willcock, Mrs J and Mr D Castle,  Mr & Mrs A Smith (Representing Mrs K Frost & Mrs L Page), Mr M Sproson (Rep T Brookes) Mr P Boswell, Mrs D Wormald (rep Shelly & Michael) Mr S Pointon, R.Timms (Rep K Cooper, C Jones, L Taylor, R Sherratt), E. Brookes, Mr J Holloway (Rep P Holloway, H Webb and J & S Hartshorn), Mr J Webb, Mrs D Rittoo (Representing C & P Tweats), Mr T Kusznir, A Gruye, M Stanway, C & P Stanway (Representing K Bee & T Cooke), Mr B Copestick, Mr L Jackson, Mr P Spruce, Mr M Cunningham (Representing Mr J Heath), Mr A Ditzel (Representing Mr J Ditzel), Mrs P Ditzel (Rep Mrs C Wright), Mr & Mrs D Bailey, Mr & Mrs S Bailey, Mrs J Smith, June Coe (representing Eleanor), Mr & Mrs N J Bours, Mr & Mrs E P Higgs, Mr R Hibbert, Mr D Turfrey, Mr M Byram, Mrs R Riley, Mr I Byram, Mr J & D Ward (Rep J & D Ward), Mr B Buckley (Representing W. Buckley Snr) Mr M Scarratt, Mr F Edge, Mr C Taylor, Mr N Cartwright, Kath Harvey, Mrs P Shenton, Mr L Kiely, Mr B Ambage, Mr A de Coninck, Mr & Mrs R Muncaster, C Stanway, L Baker, Mr D Morrissy, Pam & Graham, Mr T Nixon, Mr G Nixon, Mr G Barnes, Mr J Greener, Mr J Brough (Representing K Brough), Mr P Sherratt, Mr P Ben-Accom (Rep Karen & Harriet), Mr P Plant, Mr A Wallace, Mr S Hodgkinson, E Sutton, B Clews, J Davies (Representing T & D Williamson), Mrs M Williamson, Mr J Copplock, Mr R Egerton, Mr and Mrs R Higgs (rep Mandy), Mr S & L Higgs, Mr and Mrs L Lawton, Mr T Banner, Mr B Beech (rep Mr D Barker)  Mr B Buckley, Mr N Hammond, Mr A Swinson, Mr L Campbell, Mr A Grange, Mr G Booth, Mr D Nixon, Mr J Barlow, Mr D Sibson, Mr D Gregson, Mr S Greaves (rep Cora), Mr R McGubbin, Mr P Murphy, Mr R Bowyer, Mr N Cartwright, Mr R Cunningham, Mr L Smith, Mrs P Smith and Mrs R Vernon (rep Charlotte), Mr and Mrs K Williams, Lyn Brooks, Rachael Timms, Sheila Burgess, Wendy Brown. Mrs P Gittins, Mrs S Smith, Mrs K Kennedy, Mrs N Baker, Mrs D Whickstead, Miss M Knott, Mr G Roberts, Amy Tomkinson, Matt Ben-Accom, Daniel Challinor, Ash Burton, Jordan Morris, Jordy Lau, Jack Farrall, Joe Gosling, Mrs J Farrall, Alan Jeeves, Mr G Stubbs, Mr T Metcalfe, Mr P Birch, Mr J Jervis, Mr P Barber, Mr S Hibbert, Mr D Porter, Mr J Beech, Mr O Khurshid, Mr N Valentine.

John's family would like to thank everybody for their kind wishes and donations to the chosen Charities.

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