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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

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Funeral Plans are growing in popularity, mostly due to huge increases in funeral costs over the last 10 years. Most of these costs have come from the increase in cremation fees charged by local authorities as they have clawed back money cut by government austerity measures.

About our Funeral pLans

We offer a range of the funeral plans that are directly comparable to our standard funeral services.  They include all the 3rd party fees and disbursements such as the cremation fee and the cost of a celebrant or minister.

We fully guarantee that the part of the funeral plan that is our fee, will never increase. The price you agree to pay today, will be all that you ever pay.  What’s more is that you can pay by instalments over a maximum of 15 years, and plans start from a little as £19 per month.

We can also create very specific funeral plans that can include special things like a Horse Drawn Hearse, or a service held at a specific church, or even a burial. Anything is possible.  

Having your affairs in order will mean there are no family arguments, no extra money to find and much less stress. You can determine and plan every aspect of your funeral service, and it can be as little or as big and event as you want. 

If you are a couple and worried about who will pass away first? We can arrange for the funeral plan to be set up to allow the first person who dies to benefit from it.

If you have already taken out a plan with someone else, don’t worry.  We can accept funeral plans from Golden Charter, and can help transfer funeral plans from both Dignity and Co-op. Click here for more details.

You can download an overview of each service here, along with an application form.

We also have a quick and easy form that allows you to plan specfic aspects to any funeral. Things like music choices, flowers, poems to be read. Click here to download it.


Why Maplebrook?

Our plans are provided by Maplebrook Funeral Plan Trust based in Bristol.  We don’t get paid any commissions for selling their plans, we are offered no financial incentives.  We provide their plans because they are cost effective and allow us to provide our families with a perfect product that will meet their future funeral needs.  Maplebrook are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  The money you set aside for your Funeral Plan is invested and gives 3% growth year on year to cover any future funeral cost increases. 

If you want something bespoke and with your own tailor made specific requirements then we can sit down with you and plan just about anything you can think of.

Visit Maplebrooks web site here, or give us a call to chat further.


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