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Our Simple Burial is a direct service where the hearse leaves from the funeral home and meets your family at a local Cemetery.

Our Simple Burial Service

Designed with affordabilty and Simplicity in mind

Our Simple Burial is a direct route service where the hearse leaves from the funeral home and meets your family at a local Cemetery. 

As your Funeral Director, we are here to advise you in making all those arrangements. We are experienced with all the local cemetery practices. We understand that arranging a funeral can be a difficult process but please remember that we are here to help in whatever way we can to help you cope and adjust in your time of bereavement.

We work with your family to arrange a suitable date and time for the funeral. Our private visiting rooms / chapel of rest are made available for the family to be able to spend time with your loved one, although only during office hours. 

A tasteful Light Oak effect "York" coffin is provided and your loved one can be dressed in their own clothes. 

On the day of the funeral we will place the coffin in a traditional hearse and meet the family and attending mourners at the cemetery.  The family can choose either a minister or celebrant and can choose the music that will be played during the service.  This service is often used where the family want a simple, low fuss burial service and don’t require going to a church or place of worship first.  With the recent Corona Virus outbreak closing Churches, this service has proven popular with familiies having a "Grave Side" ceremony. This service has been conducted by local ministers and music played through a portable speaker system. The services have been very respectful and dignified.

Our Simple Burial costs from £1999

The illustrated costs are for our services only and do not include the purchase or opening of a grave. These will be quoted directly to each family and tailored to your individual requirements. As church and alternative grave yards and cemeteries may have different pricing scales, these charges will be confirmed in writing prior to the service and pricing confirmed accordingly.